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    Our vision is to enhance teaching and learning efficiency by delivering an immersive learning experience to students and tutors.


    MetaRoom is a metaverse that supports colleges to build immersive virtual classrooms. Our solution provides an interactive and well-rounded learning experience for users. Be it a virtual field trip, an interior design exhibition, a moot court, or even a surgical practice, we can mould our environment to suit every specific need. In our virtual classroom, everything is possible.


    With MetaRoom, every student will have a chance to have first-person experience in their studies, thereby initiating a new start for educational technologies. As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. MetaRoom provides effective education that mixes both theoretical and experimental knowledge.

  •  Our Product

    Basic Information

    MetaRoom is a metaverse for virtual classrooms. People can learn remotely in MetaRoom with active interactions between teachers and students. Each student and teacher will be represented by an avatar inside this metaverse. Virtual classrooms for teaching and learning can be built and bought in NFT format, which tailors different teaching purposes, such as moot court for law school or surgical training in virtual reality for medical school.


    In MetaRoom, all virtual classrooms and facilities will be built as non-fungible-tokens (NFTs). Users can easily customize their rooms. At the same time, all activities related to the room will be recorded automatically on the Blockchain for further analysis. For example, participation records and assignments can be easily collected to improve teaching efficiency. Besides, students' grade sheets or qualifications can also be minted as NFTs on Blockchain for documentation, providing extra credibility and security for academic achievements. MetaRoom can assist in the building and minting process and charge, add-on adjustments or ownership transfers can be facilitated with our help. Temporary rental for existing room templates is also available.

    What is special about our product?

    Our solution offers an interactive and immersive learning environment for users. A virtual room will lift the 2D screen to a 3D world in which students can fully engage, fostering quick responses and conversations that increase teaching efficiency. Practical study can therefore enjoy unprecedented convenience and safety, helping students consolidate their knowledge and experiences.


    Our service first includes virtual room building and minting. MetaRoom will assist colleges in constructing tailor-made classrooms of predetermined sizes to suit their needs. The room will be minted as an NFT for other records and transactions. Preset rooms are also available anytime for events and gatherings. Minor requirements and changes for the room can be catered to with prior notice.


    While room owners may wish to upgrade and enlarge their virtual room, they can also sell it as an NFT if they no longer need it. MetaRoom will provide ownership transfer services for room trading. From the listing, marketing and pricing, owners can cash out their assets on MetaRoom anytime. 

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  • Education on Metaverse -- A Thriving Market


    Prestigious universities like Stanford University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and others are adopting or planning to establish education on metaverse. Stanford for example has started its first metaverse course in 2021, while HKUST announced the launch of its physical-digital twin campus on metaverse in 2022.


    Education on metaverse aims to put forward the idea of learning by doing, allowing students to experience and build applications that previous students can only read about. Students can then be equipped with virtual professional training and an immersive learning experience, helping them to have improvised skills, gained confidence and improve their ability.

    Target Market

    Education is a large sector that has promoted MetaRoom to different client groups. We will focus on Southeast Asian countries which have similar teaching traditions and events, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.


    Universities, Vocational Training Colleges such as IVE and international colleges are all our major target clients. Colleges often face difficulties in arranging lab sessions or practical training for students. Venue booking and safety are some of the major concerns restricting the activities. On MetaRoom, each school can have their own virtual venues. Be it a large lecture theatre or a tiny classroom, MetaRoom can tailor-make a list of rooms to suit a school's teaching arrangement.


    Primary and secondary schools can use our services to improve the learning experience as well. As younger students often lose interest and focus in learning, MetaRoom’s new teaching mode can make lessons attractive and interesting. Lessons will not be boring anymore with great interactivity and functionality in our virtual classrooms.

    Market Potential

    In today's world, more than 1.2 billion students in 186 countries are out of classrooms due to COVID-19. The global EduTech market has reached US$18 billion in 2019 and the overall market of online learning projects is expected to reach US$350 billion by 2025. At the same time, the global metaverse market size will reach US$780 billion by 2024.


    Owing to the substantial market growth rate of the 2 areas, we anticipate that Metaverse Education will be adopted by a number of colleges and its potential market size will be enormous.

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