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What We Can Do ?

Our product addresses key issues in education, such as limited tutor availability, timing constraints, and exorbitant costs.

We leverage Generative AI to create a virtual tutor that mirrors the teaching style, subject expertise, and interactivity of human tutors, as demonstrated in their tutorial videos.

This AI-enabled tutor is available 24/7, eliminating learning delays and ensuring continuous education. Furthermore, it can serve an unlimited number of learners, making education both more accessible and affordable.

This innovative approach revolutionizes traditional tutoring by expanding reach, removing time restrictions, and reducing education costs. 

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Increase Accessibility 

More students have access to quality education anytime, anywhere.

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More Cost-effective

 One virtual tutor can cater to many students, reducing the overall cost of education.

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 Our GenAI tutor delivers a personalized learning experience, tailored to meet individual student's needs.

Enhance Teaching Efficiency & Reduce Operational Cost

Tutors upload content to create an "AI-powered virtual tutor" for on-demand student support. This enables simultaneous assistance to more students, ensuring an efficient, personalized learning journey.

There is no magic, it's time to get the tools you deserve.

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