Introduction to Web3.0 & Blockchain Technology 

You will understand the fundamentals of blockchain, smart contract, Dapp and Solidity. Through this course, executives can leverage blockchain and smart contract in their businesses in order to capture market share and develop new business models in Web3.0 era.

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Course Details

Course Duration : 10 Hours

Course Style : Offline

Language : Cantonese

Course Tests : 2 Times

Post-Course Support : WhatsApp Discussion Group

After you successfully finish the complete course and pass all tests, we will grant you a graduation certificate

Course Syllabus

1. Understand the Fundamentals of Blockchain, NFT, Smart Contract and DApp : Learn the mechanisms behind Blockchain : data, hash, public / private keys, wallets, transactions, decentralization

2. How to Program a DApp / Smart Contract : Learn how to develop a DApp & Smart contract

3. How to Launch Your NFT : Learn how to create, mint, buy, sell and list a NFT

4. Blockchain Application & Case Studies : Study successful crypto projects e.g. GameFi , NFTs , layer 1 , layer 2 , DeFi

5. The Future of Web 3.0 and Blockchain : Understand the latest develop of Web 3.0, what is the next trend and what are some possible opportunities

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